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Fun events with Hungarians
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Our Goal

As an independent, nondenominational organization we strive to create a constant and recurring atmosphere in Chicago and its vicinity where you can always partake in fun programs and events together with other Hungarians.


We achieve our goal through film screenings and other events. Our films are usually at the weekend in St. Richard's Church /5101 W. Devon Ave., Chicago, IL 60646/ or in another sponsoring venue. Our other events vary, whatever the city and the surroundings offer – we have had ski trips, skating outings, and museum visits. We always keep our eyes open as to how we can create some escape from the regular weekly routine..

See our calendar on the left.

English Speakers

We fully realize that, as the years pass, Hungarians meet, interact, form friendships and families with non-Hungarians. Hence we incorporate English in all publicity and communication, speak English if not everyone is Hungarian, and make an effort to show as many English language or subtitled films as we can.